What is DesktopSMS Lite?

DesktopSMS Lite allows you to connect Android device and Windows/PC computer to sync and send SMS messages from your computer desktop. Browse your existing conversations and SMS/MMS messages using native Windows application. Compose and send SMS messages comfortably using your computer keyboard.

So another in-browser messaging thingy...?

No. DesktopSMS Client is native Windows application, so you do not need internet browser to access your SMS messages.

How do I start?

It is quite easy!
  1. Install DesktopSMS Lite from Google play on Android device you want to get connected with.
  2. Download and install DesktopSMS Client on Windows/PC computer you want so send SMS messages from.
  3. Launch DesktopSMS Lite on Android device and then use DesktopSMS Client on PC to connect with remote Android device.
  4. Start SMS messaging from your desktop!


But I like my current Android SMS messenger...

No problem, you do not have to switch SMS messenger (default SMS application) on your Android device in order to use DesktopSMS Lite.

I encounter problem installing/running DesktopSMS... What can I do?

We have released DesktopSMS quite recently and we are constantly working on improving it and implementing new features. If you find something that is not working as expected, if you have a tip for missing feature, or if you even find a bug, please let us now at info(-at-)desktopsms.net. We appreciate every single feedback!

Can I enjoy DesktopSMS on iPhone and/or Mac?

No, sorry... Android and Windows only.

What does 'Lite' mean?

DesktopSMS Lite is a wrapper that sits on top of your default Android SMS messenger and provides SMS and MMS synchronization with DesktopSMS Client on Windows. It is not standalone messenger (and that is why we call it Lite). This implies some limitations that are enforced by Android system design, because only default Android SMS messenger is allowed to make changes to the messaging store. This is the reason why you can't delete messages (or conversations) or why messages are not even marked as read when using Lite version , although we would like to make it possible!

What connection types are available?

You can use your local network (LAN, Wi-Fi), or you can use bluetooth connection. Local network (Wi-Fi) is widely available and well supported (you just need both devices to be connected on same network). Bluetooth is a bit more comfortable and private type of connection (it is point-to-point connection), but not all bluetooth adapters are supported by DesktopSMS Client, you need to give it a try.

What about privacy?

All content that we access and collect from your Android device is stored locally on your devices only and synchronized using local connections only. We do not collect and/or upload any kind of data, nor private or sensitive, nor statistical. You can read more about DesktopSMS Privacy Policy.