DesktopSMS Privacy Policy

Please take a few moments to read this Privacy Policy, so that you understand what information we access on your device, whether we collect any information and if so, what we do with it and why.

What is DesktopSMS?

DesktopSMS allows you to connect Android phone and Windows PC to synchronize and send SMS messages from computer via Android device. Browse your existing conversations and SMS/MMS messages with native Windows application, compose and send SMS messages comfortably using your computer keyboard.

You can search your phone contacts from your desktop and start new conversations easily. You can also browse recent call log items so you can text your friend or colleague that have called you recently. If you want to send group messages to multiple recipients, just do it with the DesktopSMS app. Pick contacts or contact groups from remote device or just copy/paste the list of contacts from clipboard.

Other features include:

  • Dual SIM phones support.
  • Connect devices using Wi-Fi, bluetooth or USB cable (read more about DesktopSMS connection types and their requirements).
  • No on-line registration needed, no internet connection needed, everything works locally and anonymously.
  • Native Windows toast notifications for new SMS/MMS messages received.
  • SMS/MMS support (MMS view/save as only).
  • Light and dark themes.

Information we need to access on your Android device

To allow SMS/MMS data synchronization between your Android device and DesktopSMS Client we need to access your device's SMS and MMS store. Also, to provide better user experience, we need to access your contacts, because we want to display conversations by name, not by phone number only. Also, we need to browse your contacts when you want to start new conversation with some existing contact.

What we do with information we access on your devices?

All data gathered from your device are used for operational purposes only, that means we use all the data to provide DesktopSMS functionality to you, as a user. No other usages apply, visible or hidden.

Do we collect and share any data with us?

We do not collect or share any information with us (or any other party). We synchronize data across your devices (from Android to your PC and vice versa) only. All transfers are done locally, in your local network (LAN, bluetooth). We do not upload any kind of data, nor private or sensitive, nor statistical.

Anything not clear?

If you think anything is not clear about the privacy policy, please feel free to contact us at info(-at-)

Updates to this Policy

From time to time, as our application or services evolve, we may need to update this Policy. You agree that we may notify you about changes by placing a notice on the application, or here on the web, or on Google Play store. Please check the application for updates frequently.