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DesktopSMS license types overview

DesktopSMS offers three distinct licensing options tailored to diverse user needs: Free, Personal, and Professional. The Free license is intended for evaluation purposes, providing limited message length, recipient count, and message queue size. It allows users to assess basic functionality before deciding on a more suitable plan. The Personal license offers unrestricted message length and recipient limits, ideal for individual users and small businesses.

DesktopSMS License Overview

DesktopSMS offers three distinct licensing options to cater to different user needs: Free, Personal, and Professional. Each license type provides varying levels of access and functionality:

Free License

The Free license is ideal for basic texting and evaluation purposes. It is intended for users with minimal messaging requirements, offering all features but with limited functionality. This license includes a message length of up to 80 characters per message, a recipient limit of 10 recipients per message, and a message queue that can hold up to 10 pending messages, rejecting any additional messages. The Free license is also useful for testing device compatibility and assessing initial usage.

  • Message Length: 80 characters per message
  • Recipient Limit: Maximum of 10 recipients per message
  • Message Queue: Maximum of 10 pending messages; rejecting any additional messages

Personal License

The Personal license removes message length and recipient count limitations, allowing for unlimited message length and recipient numbers per message. However, the message queue remains restricted, similar to the Free version, with a maximum of 10 pending messages; additional messages are rejected. This license is suited for users who have evaluated the app and want to remove the limitations but do not require the professional features for bulk messaging such as an extended message queue.

  • Message Length: Full message length without character limitations
  • Recipient Limit: No predefined limit on the number of recipients per message
  • Message Queue: Maximum of 10 pending messages; rejecting any additional messages

Professional License

The Professional license offers comprehensive access to all features, making it suitable for both personal and bulk messaging needs. It includes all the capabilities of the Personal license, removing any limitations on message length and recipient count. Additionally, the Professional license supports an extended message queue, allowing for an unlimited number of pending messages to ensure smooth and uninterrupted messaging operations. This license is ideal for businesses and organizations that require advanced messaging capabilities, such as sending large volumes of messages efficiently and with high reliability.

  • Removes all restrictions for enhanced functionality
  • Unlimited message length
  • Unlimited recipient count per message
  • Unlimited message queue for pending messages

License features comparison

Feature Free Personal Professional
All features available
Unlimited message length
Unlimited message recipients
Unlimited message queue