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Upgrading DesktopSMS Free

DesktopSMS Free allows users to evaluate the app's functionality without cost and for an unlimited period. This enables users to confirm compatibility with their Android devices, test different connection types, and determine if the app meets their needs. However, the Free version includes limitations such as a maximum message length of 80 characters per message and a maximum of 10 recipients per message. Additionally, the message queue is restricted to a maximum of 10 pending messages; any additional messages will be rejected until space becomes available. Upgrading from DesktopSMS Free removes these restrictions and unlocks the full potential of the app.

Upgrade requirements

The licensing and upgrade process is facilitated through the Google Play billing service, ensuring a secure and seamless purchase experience. To proceed with the upgrade, ensure that Google Play services are installed and active on your Android device. Additionally, a Google account must be activated on the device, as the license is linked to the Google account rather than the device itself.

Please note that no alternative upgrade methods are available.

Upgrade options

You can upgrade to one of the following licenses:

  • Personal: Removes message length and recipient count limitations. Message queue is still restricted.
  • Professional: Provides unlimited message length, recipient count, and an extended message queue for uninterrupted messaging operations.

To fully understand differences between license types, please refer to DesktopSMS license types overview.

How do I upgrade?

The only way to check your current license status and proceed with the upgrade is by using the DesktopSMS Lite app installed on your Android device.

The following screenshots show DesktopSMS Lite main screen with a Free version activated. The red box highlights the DesktopSMS Free license description section where you can see activated license. On the second screen you can see the application's main menu drawer opened with option Upgrade the license highlighted.

Checking the upgrade options

To view available upgrade options and their respective prices:

  • Tap on the "Upgrade your license" section within the app.
  • Open the left menu drawer and select the "Upgrade your license" option.

The License Info screen will display upgrade options, including prices in your local currency.

Confirming the upgrade and payment method

After selecting an upgrade option, you will see a Google Play dialog where you can review the selected upgrade details, including the price. Choose your preferred payment method and confirm the purchase by tapping "Buy".

The following screen shows an example of the Google Play purchase dialog (for a test order):

Completion of Upgrade

Once the payment is successfully processed, your new license will be activated immediately on the main screen of DesktopSMS Lite. If not activated automatically, disconnect and reconnect your device to allow DesktopSMS Client to detect the new license.

Using Your License on Another Device

You can use your DesktopSMS license on any device that is signed in with the same Google account used for the purchase. Simply sign in with your Google account on the new device and install the app to start using your upgraded license.

Thank you for upgrading!

We appreciate your support in upgrading to DesktopSMS and contributing to its further development!

Thank you!

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